Many may not know this, but Denver is actually a pretty great place to head to during the winter periods. It’s not as packed as other winter resorts and destinations in the US, but it’s no less exciting or fulfilling as a winter vacation destination. Denver winters see plenty of snow, which means fun winter activities for the whole family. Here’s what you can do in Denver for winter:

  1. Visit The Denver Winter Brew Fest

What’s better than beer? Why cold beer of course. The Denver Winter Brew Fest will see hundreds of craft beer makers from all over Colorado gather and present their best brews to the public. Apart from great beer, the festival also features other fun activities like competitions, performances and more.

  1. Go Snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountain National Park

Being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains does have its perks. One of these is, of course, the presence of the Rocky Mountain National Park which spreads across 265,000 acres. It’s actually the park with the highest elevation in the United States and has plenty of breathtaking views. These views are best enjoyed via a snowshoe trail through snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes. The park is also good for sledding, tubing, hiking, snowmobiling, and ice skating.

  1. Ice Skate On Evergreen Lake

Colorado has many lakes that are popular with ice skaters, and one of them would be Evergreen Lake in Upper Bear Creek.  The lake is huge, measuring about 8.5 acres across and is a 30-minute drive away from Denver city. The Evergreen Lake House situated on the banks of the lake rents out ice skates, or you can also bring your own.

  1. Admire Some Art at Denver Art Museum

If being outdoors isn’t your thing in the winter months, there are many indoor attractions in Denver that are equally attractive. One of these is the Denver Art Museum that’s more than a hundred years old. There are more than 70,000 pieces of artwork here, some of which date back to the museum’s beginnings in the 1890s.

  1. Ski down The Colorado Slopes at Loveland Ski Resorts

You won’t find any ski resorts in the city of Denver, but a one-hour car ride outside of the city will land you at the Loveland Ski Resorts. This fuss-free skiing area has been around for ages and is open from October to May of each year.