To be honest, Denver isn’t the most popular place for movie makers. More often than not, they prefer the bright lights of Manhattan or the sunny boulevards of San Francisco. Nevertheless, Denver has been the spot for several good productions you shouldn’t miss.

  1. In the Line of Fire ( 1993)

This political thriller stars Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich on opposite sides of a plot to assassinate the US President. Malkovich plays Mitch Leary, a disillusioned and guilt-ridden CIA agent obsessed with killing the president and Eastwood is the secret service agent out to foil his plants. Some scenes of the movie were filmed at the Denver Civic Centre Park.

  1. The Real World: Denver (2007)

Seven total strangers are thrown together in a house in this MTV reality show. Sparks fly, hormones rage and there’s a ton of drama to be had at every corner. The Denver season is the 18th of this long-running reality show that captures the rawest human reactions and emotions on camera.

  1. American Terror (2014)

Three social outcasts face terrible bullying from the popular kids in school and hatch a plan to get back at their bullies. During the process, they find the torture chamber of a deranged madman. To escape and survive, they will have to fight their way out. American Terror is filmed around old dumpsites in and around Denver.

  1. Dear Eleanor (2016)

Dear Eleanor is the story of two teenage girls, who, on a whim, decide to travel cross country to Washington in the 1960s to meet first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Along the way, they meet interesting characters and even get arrested. Ultimately, they both go on a journey of self-discovery. The film starts in Boulder County and features towns in Colorado’s front range section, including Denver, Hygiene, Longmont and Lyons.

  1. Identity Thief (2013)

Comedy giant Melissa McCarthy as Diana, a Florida identity thief who steals the credit card details of Sandy Patterson( Jason Bateman) an accountant that lives in Denver. As a result, Sandy’s life is turned upside down as Diana uses his card to live it up. He drives from Denver to Florida in an attempt to capture her, and hilarity ensues.

  1. Imagine That ( 2009)

Eddie Murphy is a workaholic father whose daughter suddenly gets imaginary visions about investments and stocks that help her father’s work life. How far will the both of them go before their relationship breaks down?